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Repair Tape


Back in stock late September 2018.

Length: 12 inch (30 cm)
Width: 1 inch (2.54 cm)

SDR Traveller luggage and accessories use Dyneema® seam tape to provide additional water resistance and strength. This tape can also be used for the repair of small holes and punctures.

The Repair Tape is clear Dyneema® that will cleanly adhere to the raw/shiny surface of our SDRT Grade Dyneema® products such as the inside of the 1M Hauly or the outside of the D3 Raw.

One side is sticky, the other Dyneema®, and can be cut to the appropriate size with a pair of scissors. Cut out a patch slightly larger than the damaged area. Be sure to round the edges to prevent the corners from getting caught and peeling up. Peel the backing off the repair tape, press and smooth out with your finger, pushing out any air bubbles, until it is well-adhered. No heat required.

It is great for strengthening seams and repairing small holes or punctures in the fabric. Properly applied it provides a waterproof seal.

Please note, it does not adhere to the polyester coating such as the outside of a Black D3 or silicone fabrics.

See also materials and ownership, wear and tear.

Repair Tape