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D3 Traveller

D3 Traveller


Ultra strong, ultralight and discreet duffel that packs down to the size of a sweater. Built with dual layers of waterproof SDRT Grade Dyneema® composite fabric. Weighs only 515 g / 1.10 lbs.
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M1 Messenger Bag Standard

M1 Messenger


An ultralight, all-weather EDC. Made from Expedition Grade Dyneema® for exquisite performance, with features stripped down to the bare essentials. A lightly padded base protects your gear. Streamlined for both avid cyclists and urban explorers. The M1 Standard is optimized for...
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1M Hauly

1M Hauly


The 1M Hauly is designed for the discreet, comfortable carry of up to US$ 1 Million in used bank notes. It also works exceptionally well as an ultra light, ultra strong twenty-litre second bag on trips, where you need a...
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1M Hauly with Heist Shielding Pouch

1M Hauly Heist

$500.00 +

Ideal for the discreet, comfortable carry of up to US$1 Million in used bank notes while minimising the risk of radio frequency tracking. The Heist RF/EMI shielding pouch can be purchased separately, or with a 1M Hauly. Currently In Stock and...
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Folio Pure Black
Keep travel essentials secure and organized.  Originally designed for Studio D's field research teams. Generous storage for documents. Fits an A5 slim notebook to capture memories of the journey. Dyneema® shells layered with X-Pac™. A limited number are pre-loaded with a Slim...
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Pack System - Fuji Cube

Pack System


Pack smart and travel light. Tailor made for the D3 duffel. Works with any luggage. The 3-piece kit includes 2 small and 1 large packing cubes. The micro-mesh top panel on the large cube provides ventilation while keeping out bugs. The smaller cubes are...
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Field Kit, Journal
The quality of what you capture is framed by the quality of the tools you use. The Field Kit, Journal includes: Studio D No.8 Journal, Size A5 x 1 Nomads Pen Case, Slate Grey x 1 Mitsubishi Boxy Pen x...
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Field Kit #2, Higashiyama Sold out
The #2 Field Kit Higashiyama, is a collection of SDR Traveller goods, optimised for a week in the city, to explore on foot or bicycle, kick back and recharge. The kit includes: 1 x 1M Hauly, Black 1 x D3...
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Field Kit #3, Berbera Sold out
For when the sandstorm rolls in. The Field Kit #3 Berbera, is a collection of SDR Traveller pouches, optimised for a week or more on the road. Designed to discreetly divide and protect your travel gear, for easy packing and...
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Courier 60 Pouch

Courier Pouch



  • 60 Medium
The ultra light saddle bag for the secure carry of bike essentials. Made with metalized Dyneema® composite fabric. See also: Expedition Tool Roll.
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Expedition Tool Roll, Medium


  • Medium (Black
The Expedition Tool Roll keeps essential bike tools snug and protected, and provides clean, hi-visibility surface for repairs. It is engineered with the same attention to detail, appreciation of materials and consideration of weight as the bike you ride. We...
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10k Money Pouch

Money Pouch

$60.00 +


  • 10k (XS)
  • 100k (S)
  • 400k (M)
Designed to discreetly carrying fieldwork project cash and payroll. These ultra light, versatile pouches also work well as a pack-system for organising stationary, toiletries, clothes and other travel accessories. In three convenient sizes: $10k, $100k & $400k. We also offer...
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Double Passport Pouch
Ultralight, waterproof, discreet pouch is designed to safely carry two 48 page passports, a Yellow Book and other vital documents. Can be used as a stow pouch, worn next to skin or around the neck with the adjustable lanyard.
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Utility Pouch BLACK

Utility Pouch


Keep your travel essentials safe and dry in this ultralight, tough utility pouch, made of 100% SDRT Grade Dyneema. Ideal for on-the-road accessories and vital paperwork.  Each pouch sold separately.
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Repair Tape Sold out

Repair Tape


Length: 1 yard / 36 inch (91.44 cm)Width: 1 inch (2.54 cm) SDR Traveller luggage and accessories use Dyneema® seam tape to provide additional water resistance and strength. This tape can also be used for the repair of small holes...
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Ghost Factory
What would it take to run a ghost factory, engaging hundreds of people in the manufacture of a large physical object, where no-one know's what they are making, until the moment of completion? This booklet describes an experiment that took...
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Guide to Running Popup Studios
SDR Traveller is born out of Studio D Radiodurans, our sister design and strategy consultancy based out of San Francisco. The studio philosophy is the same as our luggage, the absolute minimum infrastructure in place to do interesting work, and...
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Today's Office
What is it like to relentlessly travel around the globe on journeys that run from dense-urban metropolis’s to remote mountain villages, with up to half of each year spent in the skies, on the road and out on the trail?...
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