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Field Kits

Curated collections, with a singular purpose.


Field Kit #2, Higashiyama Sold out
The #2 Field Kit Higashiyama, is a collection of SDR Traveller goods, optimised for a week in the city, to explore on foot or bicycle, kick back and recharge. The kit includes: 1 x 1M Hauly, Black 1 x D3...
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Field Kit #3, Berbera Sold out
For when the sandstorm rolls in. The Field Kit #3 Berbera, is a collection of SDR Traveller pouches, optimised for a week or more on the road. Designed to discreetly divide and protect your travel gear, for easy packing and...
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Field Kit, Journal Sold out
The quality of what you capture is framed by the quality of the tools you use. The Field Kit, Journal includes: Studio D No.8 Journal, Size A5 x 1 Nomads Pen Case, Slate Grey x 1 Mitsubishi Boxy Pen x...
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