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Money Pouches

Field ready money pouches designed for life on the road.


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10k Money Pouch Sold out

Money Pouch

$45.00 +


  • 10k (XS)
  • 100k (S)
  • 400k (M)
Designed to discreetly carrying fieldwork project cash and payroll. These ultra-light, versatile pouches also work well as a pack-system for organising stationary, toiletries, clothes and other travel accessories. In three convenient sizes: $10k, $100k & $400k. See also the more...
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1M Hauly Sold out

1M Hauly


The 1M Hauly is designed for the discreet, comfortable carry of up to US$ 1 Million in used banknotes. It also works exceptionally well as ultralight, ultra-strong twenty-litre second bag on trips, where you need a little more space. With...
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Heist Shielding Pouch Sold out

1M Hauly Heist


Ideal for the discreet, comfortable carry of up to US$1 Million in used banknotes while minimising the risk of radiofrequency tracking. The Heist RF/EMI shielding pouch can be used separately, or with a 1M Hauly. Currently In Stock and Ready to...
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