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Who We Are

SDR Traveller supplies ultra light, ultra strong and very discreet luggage, accessories and field equipment.

The right equipment is often a matter of survival. Pioneers with SDRT Grade Dyneema and Cuben Fiber. Each product is made using cutting edge materials. 

All of our luggage and accessories are hand-made in California, with the exception of the Heist Pouch, which is made by an ITAR registered contractor, also in the USA.

Origins of the D3 Traveller

The D3 Traveller was originally commissioned for field work in diverse and challenging environments. In NYC one week, Kabul the next, the luggage needed to be discreet enough to pass unnoticed when the situation required, to cope with the best of a city’s pickpockets to the worst of its commute. A go-bag for the global traveller.

We made the D1 on a hunch there was a better way to travel. It took us a year of real-world testing to understand its potential. The second prototype, the D2, introduced an internal compression system, refinements to the strap, and the ability to convert to a backpack.  Another full year of testing later, the D3 is about the details: the exact proportions of the inner to outer shells; custom aluminium hardware on the strap; attention to every seam and stitch.

A team of D3 field-testers provided feedback and travelogues from around the globe. From the initial spark and after three years of design, research and development we have nothing left to add or take away. Over the years we've slowly expanded our product range.