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SDRT Grade Dyneema® flexible composite fabric

SDRT Grade Dyneema® fabric is a waterproof, lightweight and highly durable composite, made from non-woven HMwPE fiber and high performance coatings. Dyneema® is about twice the strength of Kevlar or around half the weight, this makes it ideal for ultralight outdoor and mountaineering gear, including high performance equipment such as body armor and experimental UAV designs. It is resistant to UV light, is a ripstop and is 100% waterproof.

Dyneema® can be crinkled, or rolled up without losing structural integrity. The challenges of working with such an unforgiving material and its cost restricts mainstream use.

Dyneema® starts out a little stiff and takes about three solid trips for the material to reach a crumpled, lived-in state.

We chose an SDRT Grade 50-170 denier polyester face for better abrasion resistance. An ultralight, slightly translucent version is used in the inside-lid pocket of the D3.

Made in USA.

Above: Dyneema wears in and becomes more matte over time: new (left swatch); after three trips (middle); and after two years heavy travel (right). 


Petzl Carabiners

Petzl carabiners connect the D3 strap to the duffel. Designed for mountaineering and multi-pitch climbing where weight reduction is key — each is only 1 oz. On the duffel they enable a versatile range of carrying styles (the straps are not designed to support an adult human weight). The compact shape of the nose is designed to optimize clipping and unclipping and has a hole that allows ice, snow or dirt to be cleared out. The strap loops are engineered to sit snugly in the carabiner’s rope loop.

Made in France.

Airplane Grade Aluminium

The loop and tri glide on the D3 strap are precision machined from a solid block of aircraft grade aluminum (6061-T6), before being plated with a durable anodized finish.

Made in USA.


SDRT Silver/Copper/Nickel Coated

Silver, Copper, Nickel coated fabric

The 1M Hauly Heist uses a double-walled silver/copper/nickel coated ripstop, to minimise the risk of RF tracking for any electronics placed inside the pouch. The silver coated hook and loop is optimised for conductivity, making it ideal for RF shielding. Tested in accordance with modified Mil Standard 285, it can be used repeatedly with minimal shielding degregation. Is RoHS compliant.

Made in the USA.

YKK Zippers

We use YKK zippers throughout the duffel, water resistant Uretek on the outside, and a lighter/smoother grade inside.

Made in Japan & the USA. 



On products that experience high-abrasion we use X-Pac, a high performance pack material, with X-Ply that is strengthened across the bias. The fabric is milled in Connecticut, USA.

SDRT Tote X-Pac


Pamir River Stone

Pamir River Stone

The D3 Traveller zip pulls include a pebble from the tributaries that flow through the Pamir Mountains, in the Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Region of Tajikistan, one of the world’s great mountain ranges. In a world well travelled, it remains one of the most remote and geo-politically interesting parts of the world - bordering Afghanistan, China and Kyrgyzstan.

Hand picked and precisely drilled they are smooth on the hand, cool to the touch. You might find it curious to add stone to ultralight luggage (each adds less than 0.1 oz), but these will add a spring to your step.

River smoothed in the Pamirs.

The stone is currently only available with D3 Traveller duffels.