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Passing on some good news


May 2021

SDR Traveller started as a way to supply field equipment for our parent company, Studio D, first with the D3, followed by other discrete, ultralight luggage. Over time, as friends, and friends of friends requested products, we decided to invest in small production runs. Eight years later, we launched many products including the 1M Hauly and Field Kits, all manufactured in California.

As with all projects we take on in Studio D, the journey is at least as interesting as the destination. The products became conversation starters that have led to valued relationships, collaborations and revealed the diverse needs of today’s well-travelled professionals. 

SDR Traveller is one of five business lines run by Studio D that includes our mainstay—consulting, plus training, retreats, expeditions, publishing and yearly experiments that explore the edges of systems. We’re a small company and it’s fair to say that this has stretched us pretty thin. 

For this reason, we’ve decided to bring SDR Traveller back to serving our in-house needs and will be winding down our public-facing offering. Our store and operations will be closed by this summer.

What’s next for Studio D? We continue to provide discreet international research services to clients with a global remit. 

Thank you for joining us on this journey. We hope our paths cross in the coming year.

—Team SDR Traveller