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Origins of the Hauly Heist

SDR Traveller is born out of Studio D Radiodurans, a design and strategy consultancy based out of San Francisco. The studio philosophy is the same as our luggage, the absolute minimum infrastructure in place to do interesting work, and not an jot more. This approach forces creative and logistical risks that others shy away from. Some clients ask us to work in places that have an unconventional rule of law, from dealing with border guards and checkpoints, dense-urban to edge of grid.

For a number of year’s we’ve had an ad-hoc system in place to take cash from the studio vault to the field teams. We started prototyping designs to carry bulk banknotes, with a parallel research track investigated Federal Reserve standards on strap designs and chain of custody, exploring the world of forgery and smuggling. If it relates to the discreet carry of volume cash, at some point in the last year, we’ve tried it. Our workshop looks like the aftermath of a heist.

The 10k, 100k and 400k money pouches do just that, carry ten thousand, one-hundred thousand and four-hundred thousands dollars in used, strapped bank notes. They also serve as ultra light travel pouches for toiletries, clothes, electronics, anything that you want to store safely on your trip.

The 1M Hauly, is designed to comfortably fit US$1 Million in used banknotes. A robust haul loop is sized to fit a large gloved hand and can accommodate carabiners and other attachments if hands-free movement is required—a D3 shoulder strap allows it to double up as an unbelievably light, day-pack. It makes the perfect second bag on trips where you need extra space but don’t want to pay a penalty in terms of weight, quality or style.

The 1M Hauly is guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

Finally, there are times when you want to know exactly where your cash is and times when you want to ensure no-one else does. The 1M Hauly Heist is ideal for the discreet, comfortable carry of up to US$1 Million in used bank notes while minimising the risk of radio frequency tracking. Acting as a faraday cage, it also shields laptops, phones and other electronic devices from radio frequency tracking.

Buy the Hauly Heist.