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Technical Specifications

Designed to attenuate and reflect RF signals, the 1M Hauly Heist provides protection against RF tracking of mobile phones, laptops, tablets, GPS and other RF equipped electronic devices.

It is made by an ITAR registered (US Dept. of State, Office of Defense Trade Compliance) contractor in the US.

Made with a double layer of woven copper, silver and nickel plated ripstop using RoHS Compliant materials, while the connections are made from silver-plated hook and loop to ensure consistent reflective properties. It is tested in accordance with modified Mil Standard 285 and can be used repeatedly with minimal shielding degregation.


  • 800 MHz: 101.8 dB
  • 900 MHz: 96.7 dB
  • 1000 MHz: 99.5 dB
  • 3000 MHz: 89.7 dB

Photo: South Sudan.