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1M Hauly Heist


The 1M Hauly Heist is ideal for the discreet, comfortable carry of up to US$1 Million in used bank notes while minimising the risk of radio frequency tracking. It includes a 1M Hauly + Heist RF/EMI shielding pouch.

In Stock and Ready to Ship from Workshop

Each Heist Pouch requires up to four weeks for construction and testing, before it shipped. Due to each Heist Pouch being custom made to order, we cannot accept returns.


Our teams are heavily dependent on wireless technologies for day-to-day work. We also operate in environments where, sometimes, we prefer to remain anonymous.

We custom engineered a 1M Hauly to snugly fit a Heist Pouch - a RF shielded “Faraday” cage to create the Hauly Heist. It minimises the risk of radio frequency (RF) tracking by limiting phone, laptop, tablet, GPS and other electronic devices from emitting or receiving RF signals, making connections to other devices or networks.

The Heist Pouch is removeable and can be used separately from the 1M Hauly.

There are times when you want to know exactly where your cash and other valuables are and times when you want to ensure no-one else does.

The Origins of the Hauly Heist.

13 inch MacBook Air


Reflects RF Signals

Carry volume cash while minimising the risk of radio frequency tracking, such as devices hidden in bank straps or bundles. Enables a discreet pick-up and drop-off in situations where wireless privacy would otherwise be compromised.

Sized to Perfection

Fits US$1 million in used banknotes, ideal for in-field payroll and large cash transactions.

Secure Seal

Double roll-top enclosure with conductive hook and loop enables superior signal relfection.


Can also be used to carry electonics such as laptops, GPS, smartphones and tablets with a minimal risk of RF detection. The rectangular cube stacks well inside luggage.

Two in One

The Heist Pouch is bundled with, and fits perfectly inside a 1M Hauly. Can be used together or independently as two separate pouches.

Rapid Loading

Designed to rapidly fill and secure contents, ideal in situations where time is of the essense.

Can be carried with shoulder strap.

Can be carried with a separate shoulder strap. At 6.2oz / 176g it makes an ultra light day pack for navigating the city.


  • 1M Hauly + Heist Pouch
  • Absorbs and reflects RF signals from smartphones, cell phones, laptops and GPS to avoid RF tracking.
  • Fits US$1 Million in used notes
  • Easy to load, seal
  • Durable
  • Water resistant
  • Lightweight

Hand made in the USA.


  • SDRT Grade Dyneema 1M Hauly shell
  • Nickel, copper & silver fabric
  • Conductive hook and loop
  • RoHS Compliant
  • More...


  • Volume: 20 litres
  • Dimensions: 17” x 12” x 6”
  • Weight: 6.2oz

Notes on Usage

The Heist Pouch is custom-made in the USA by an ITAR registered manufacturer with extensive experience RF shielding products for the US military and associated agencies. Shielded products are commonly used in digital forensics, and to counteract industrial and corporate espionage.

Place your volume cash or electronics in the Heist Pouch to protect against RF transmitters and cleanly seal. To minimise the risk that your feature phone, smartphone, laptop, tablet or GPS unit or other wireless device from connecting to wireless networks, place inside and cleanly seal.

Remove contents in a secure location, check-for, destroy or redeploy any tracking devices. Alternatively, consider using a portable high attenuation enclosure for a more leisurely removal.

Technical specifications.

There is no such thing as perfect protection against RF tracking, aside from not carrying any electronics. The efficacy of any shielding product is affected by signal strength, proximity to base station, proximity to other objects, weather, wear and tear, and many other factors. We recommend a holistic approach to personal data security. A number of our customers recommend the Journalist Security Guide.