SDR Traveller

D3 Traveller Raw


Ultralight, strong and ultimately discreet duffel that packs down to the size of a sweater. This product takes 6 months to wear in and reach a discreet state.

Only 1.2 lb.

If you're unsure whether the Raw finish is for you, start with a Raw Utility Pouch.

Colours may vary slightly from the photos.


Carry-On Carry-In

Designed to fit in a business class footwell or under an economy class seat. When the overhead bins are full, avoid being forced to check the duffel, even at the door of the plane.


Supports a range of carrying styles, including a unique backpack conversion.

Weather Proof

The core material, SDRT Grade Dyneema® is weather proof and the zips are water resistant.

Pack Tight

Rolls up to the the size of a small sweater.


SDRT Grade Dyneema® is about two times stronger than Kevlar at almost half its weight.

Dual Shell

The D3 is made of two layers of SDRT Grade Dyneema® (enough to make two duffels) with one layer suspended inside the other. This adds protection; structural support; and maintains a relaxed finish even when fully packed. Visibly overstuffed luggage draws unwanted eyes.


The weight of the load is easy to conceal thanks to the material, inner shell construction, and supported carrying styles. This makes it ideal for security checkpoints, airline check-in, and customs where the obvious effort required to lift heavy bags often leads to being singled out. This product starts out very noticeable and takes ~6 months use to reach an equilbrium matte state.

No exterior branding.

D3 Raw


The D3 Traveller Raw is designed for a long weekend away or months on the road. Ideal for traversing check-points along the Pamir Highway or check-ins in your preferred boutique hotel.

Available in strictly limited numbers.

Our team has been talking about making a duffel with a Raw finish from the first day we starting prototyping with SDRT Grade Dyneema®.

We've taken a D3 Duffel, and turned the material inside out so that the a Raw finish is on the outside (the black finish of the standard D3 is on the inside), and added two Petzl matte black screw lock carabiners.

Out of the box the D3 Traveller Raw is very noticeable. The SDRT Grade Dyneema® is one of the few synthetic fabrics that feels better the more it is worn in. It starts out a little stiff and will start to crease from the moment it is removed from the box (which is why all sales on this product are final). The finish in these photos is from two weeks use. It will take about six months of use to reach a matte grey equilibrium state. Prior to that, enjoy the attention.

This product includes a sample strip of the same Dyneema® seam tape, that we used to strengthen and waterproof our products. Every scar on the D3 is a journey travelled.

D3 Raw


  • Ultralight
  • Dual shell
  • Weather proof
  • Converts to back pack
  • Interior lid pocket
  • Two stow pockets
  • Ships with patch kit
  • Raw exterior & Light Grey interior


  • SDRT Grade Dyneema®/span>
  • YKK Uretek zippers
  • Petzl Screw Lock carabiners (matte black)
  • Pamir Mountain stone
  • More...


  • Dimensions:
    L21.5” x W10.5” x H10.5”
  • Volume: 39 liters
  • Weight 1.20 lb

Ownership, wear and care.

Sourced globally. Hand made in California.

China Raw
D3 Raw
China Raw
Pamir Highway
Pamir Highway
Pamir Highway
Pamir Highway
Pamir Highway
China Raw
D3 Raw

Photos: Waterhouse on the South Bund, to the Pamir Highway in the Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Region of Tajikistan and Urbn.