SDR Traveller

Field Kit #2, Higashiyama


The #2 Field Kit Higashiyama, is a collection of SDR Traveller goods, optimised for a week in the city, to explore on foot or bicycle, kick back and recharge. The kit includes:

After months in field, you've earned time for decompression.

The 1M Hauly converts into an ultra light day pack with the included D3 strap and attaches to the 1M Hauly with two Petzl Ange S carabiners hooked through the haul loops.

The remaining pouches help you stay organised and ensure you take just what you need, and not a jot more.

Named after one of our favourite Tokyo neighbourhoods, that is also the home of Studio D East.

If you're unfamiliar with SDRT Grade Dyneema, please read materials and ownership, wear and tear.

Haul loop with carabiner

Photos: Studio D on assignment and decompression in Tokyo.