SDR Traveller

Utility Pouch


Keep your travel essentials safe and dry in this ultralight, tough utility pouch. Ideal for on-the-road accessories and vital paperwork. 

Each pouch sold separately.


Originally designed for carrying documents in monsoon environments, the utility pouch fits US letter paper ensuring contracts and other vital paperwork are presentable on arrival.

These have become a travel staple with a utility well beyond their original design.

We carry two or more on each trip: one for accessories and one for paperwork, swapping out contents when field work requires. They have been tested under difficult conditions: from monsoon in the delta, dust infested salt-flats to bug infested rain forests. If it’s important these will protect it.

We liked the coated Dyneema finish so much we created a Raw version without taped seams (this version is not waterproof, but is water resistant).

A filled Utility Pouch is ideal ballast for an empty D3 Traveller.

Utility Pouch - with Pamir Mountain stone


  • Discreet profile
  • Fits US Letter
  • Water proof
  • In Black, Grey, White & Raw
  • Materials

    • SDRT Grade Dyneema® Flexible Composite Fabric
    • YKK Uretek zipper
    • Pamir Mountain stone
    • More...


    • Dimensions: 12” x 9 1/4”
    • Weight: 1 oz

    Sourced globally. Hand made in the USA.

    Photos: Irrawaddy Delta and Myitkyina.